Dynaset Hydraulic Grinder

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Dynaset Hydraulic Grinder


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Easily connected to the hydraulic system of any type of carrier machine, the Dynaset hydraulic bench grinder is especially designed for on-site use. Making the hydraulic grinder the most reliable in the market is the grinders automatic speed control valve. The valve is designed to keep the grind stone rotation speed constant at any load and will allow the bench grinder to run in both low and high duty hydraulic systems.

The grinder also has a reinforced axial sealing of the hydraulic motor and is designed to stand considerable pressure peaks without separate leakage line. With adjustment of the sharpening support not requiring special tools or attachments and the grindstone can be changed with just one tool the Dynaset hydraulic grinder user and maintenance friendly.

An adapter kit for slimmer grind stone installation is also available as an option.