HEU - Dynaset Rock Bolt Expander Unit

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HEU - Dynaset Rock Bolt Expander Unit


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 The Dynaset rock bolt expansion unit has been expertly designed for the controlled and reliable anchoring of rock bolts to rock walls in tunnels and caves or on mining and construction sites. Suitable for both mechanical and manual bolting the unit uses a burst of high pressure water to firmly secure the compressed hollow bolt which is expanded into the hole within the rock.

Easy operation from the ground or platform, the rock bolt expansion unit is capable of being attached to many different types of machinery. All an operator needs is hydraulic power from a carrier machine and a water source.

The tough outer shell will protect the hydraulic pump within and the light and compact design makes the unit itself highly mobile and extremely durable.

For more information please refer to the Dynaset Rock Bolt Expansion Unit manual.