HVB - Dynaset Vibrating Bucket

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HVB - Dynaset Vibrating Bucket


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The Dynaset hydraulic vibrating bucket (HVB) can dramatically enhance the use of excavators and other machinery with compatible hydraulics. The vibrating bucket bucket is a multi purpose excavator accessory that improves the use of a normal bucket.

Using a short and fast reciprocal movement in the hydraulic cylinders of a normal bucket allowing for the penetration of hard, frozen or stony ground. The frequency of the unit can escalate to 0-18hz and is easily controlled by changing the flow of oil.

The Dynaset hydraulic vibrating bucket is extremely versatile and can be used to enhance the emptying of hard or sticky materials. Not only can the HVB transform the use of a normal bucket it can be used to suppress different types of material including dirt, rubble and garbage materials.

Easily installed into the hydraulics of the hammer the HVB can be controlled from the cabin using the same controls the hammer uses. Adding to the unique design and versatility of this piece of equipment the HVB is lightweight and durable.