Dynaset PV SAE Priority Valve

Product Photo: 
Image of a Dynaset PV SAE priority valve.


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When installing equipment on work machines such as pressure washers it is vital that the correct valves are installed. Compared to other installation valves the Dynaset priority valve has unrivaled benefits.


Firstly, the priority valve has an easy installation process as it includes a PV SAE pressure compensator, allowing it to be installed as a flange mounting in the main pressure pump line. 


Secondly, the hydraulic flow to equipment is very well regulated due to the valves short reaction time and the RPM of the carrier machine will not affect the hydraulic flow as the valve will allow for a stable and trouble free flow.


The priority valve is leak free and will only cause marginal pressure loss. However the design of the valve will not cause the hydraulic system unwanted power loss.The valve will not disturb the regulation system of the main pump instead directs unfluctuating prioritised oil flow.


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A complete PV SAE 3/4”…1 1/4” valve consists of:

  • Pressure compensator
  • Control valve
  • Connection hoses