SNUFIT 200/40

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SNUFIT 200/40


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The SNUFIT 200/40 is a first response attack system designed for light to medium vehicles, it's capable of delivering traditional water or water/foam, NAFS with flows of up to 420 LPM @ 7 Bar and 800 LPM transfer flow, or CAFS with water flows from 80 LPM to 275 LPM with air pressure up to 10 Bar @ 40 CFM. The SNUFIT's 40 CFM encapsulated air compressor is directly driven from the front of the engine. A pneumatic modulating inlet valve mounted on the air end inlet shall control the compressor, MEA's ABS (Automatic Balancing Valve) is also available to automatically maintain the air pressure in relation to the water pump pressure throughout the operation of the CAFS operating range. The traditional 420 LPM @ 7 Bar water pump is direct mounted to the flywheel end of the engine, thus creating a unique compact design. The SNUFIT is fitted or (loose supplied) with the MEA patented CAFAID (Compressed Air foam Injection Device) this device has been developed to provide a supreme Compressed Air Foam (CAF) capability for fire and land management agencies, using traditional pump sets and fire fighting appliance configurations. Traditional off the shelf CAF systems are generally purpose built and tailored to each application with CAF being the main consideration in these designs. Pump performance, specifically volume and pressure have limitations of use outside CAF. The MEA CAFAID has allowed MEA to very easily enhance the traditional configurations of water, water/foam, NAF, with CAF by simply fitting the MEA CAFAID to nominate deliveries where CAF is required and plumbing air to the device at a pre-determined pressure and volume. The benefits of the MEA CAFAID is that agencies can maintain their traditional performance for established tactics, But deliver CAF as an enhancement to their capabilities without compromising their traditional abilities when traditional tactics are required.
Check out the SNUFIT 200/40 in action below.