PTO Underdeck Inline Compressor Generator/Hydraulic Pump (ICG-ICH)

The ICG and ICH are PTO underdeck shaft driven compressors complete with a thru drive 6.5 to 10Kva generator single phase or 3 phase (ICG), or by replacing the generator with a hydraulic
the pump we can deliver around 50lpm at 210 bar (ICH).

This makes it the most versatile PTO driven compressor combination available on the market today. The ICG/H produces at a shaft speed of 1650 RPM 120cfm @ 150psi and 10Kva at the same time. In the past, it has been a problem if the work vehicle requires a tipper and or a crane as well as a compressor. Generally, only a small amount of hydraulic oil flow is required to operate the crane and tipper compared to the large volume of oil to operate a compressor, you also increase the inefficiency of the overall system.
We can now reduce the weight of the overall installation dramatically by removing the extra hydraulic valving, extra cooler for the hydraulics, the hydraulic tank is significantly reduced in size. This reduces the installation time and material cost, especially in hoses. Overall it makes for a much neater and more serviceable and less expensive installation.

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  • Compressor Drive:
    PTO Shaft Driven
  • Inline Combinations Available:
    Compressor & Generator, Compressor & Hydraulic Pump
  • ICG Model:
    6.5Kva to 10Kva Generator Options
  • ICH Model:
    Hydraulic Pump 50LPM @ 210 Bar
  • Compressor Type:
    Oil Flooded Rotary Screw
  • Air Flow Range:
    85CFM to 175CFM
  • Pressure:
  • Duty Cycle: