Authorised Service and Repair Agents

MEA repair Agents – Nationwide experts in air compressor repairs & service

Regular maintenance and servicing are very important with all air compressors. Especially when your business is dependant on the air supply. Therefore you should consider servicing as the routine health check for your capital equipment with MEA repair agents. Allowing the service provider the opportunity to assess the unit and if needed recommend some preventative maintenance. The proactive approach ensures reduced downtime, extends the lifespan, and improves reliability. Firstly you must understand the maintenance schedule on your air compressor. And secondly, reach out to the right person for the job. That’s why we have invested in training and supporting our authorised nationwide service & repair agents. Providing them with genuine parts, technical documentation, and the know-how.

Finding your nearest repairer or service provider

MEA repair agents can be found all across Australia. Located in all capital cities but also fully capable of servicing rural and even the remotest areas of the outback. Because we understand that mobile air compressors can operate in some harsh locations. Providing support to the mining, civil infrastructure, and other projects a long way from home. All MEA repair agents have fully equipped workshops that can assist. And most can offer onsite servicing and urgent support where practical.

More than just changing some oil & filters

Rotary screw compressors are built by MEA have been developed to suit the specific needs of the consumer. These compressors come in a range of drive types. Engine-driven, Hydraulic powered, PTO (power-take-off), and even electric. All with differing coupling, belts, bearings, harnesses, controllers