The most convenient and cost-effective way to do various tasks relies on the availability of electricity in all conditions. Dynaset hydraulic generators produce mobile power supply from any hydraulic system. The hydraulic generator produces electricity that is entirely equivalent to mains current. It can be used for all-electric devices, such as hand tools, work lights, heaters, welding machines, pumps, household devices, electric motors etc. The power range of the Dynaset hydraulic generators also meets more significant needs. The hydraulic generator has the reliability of hydraulics, and the automatic rotation speed controller ensures quality electricity in all conditions. The quiet, non-vibrating and trouble-free running provides a reliable and exceptionally long service life. The dimensions and weight of hydraulic generators are only half of what a combustion engine generator. These equal the power level, but they can start up even large electric motors just as quickly. The Dynaset quality ensures high operating efficiency and a robust loading capacity typical for hydraulics. Only the pressure and return coupling need to be connected to the hydraulic power take-off couplings. Alternatively, a 3-way valve can be attached to the hydraulic system. The built-in Dynaset hydraulic controller adjusts the hydraulic power, automatically making the assembly simple. With the assembly kit Dynaset, hydraulic generators can even be used on equipment that does not use hydraulics.

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