Underdeck PTO Systems

PTO (Power Take-Off) Driven Compressors

The MEA design of Truck PTO Air Compressor systems offers many advantages you cannot get when using conventional above-deck air compressors. Using the vehicle transmissions connection to directly shaft drive a rotary screw air compressor or combination compressor/generator/hydraulic pump system, the system can fully integrate into the vehicle design. The system is completely underneath the service body of the truck, which saves vital above-deck space and reduces the compressed air equipment weight. Underdeck shaft driven compressors are also capable of producing significantly high CFM range depending on the type of truck & dependant on the power ratio available from its transmission. A typical truck PTO Air Compressor system can produce 100-130 CFM between 100-150 Psi at 100% duty cycle (Air-On -Demand). However, these performance outcomes can be specified and calculated to meet the particular requirements needed from the vehicle.

Collaboration: The Key to Any Successful Vehicle Integrated Compressed Air Equipment

Mobile Energy Australia understands the vital importance in collaboration between vehicle fleet developers, vehicle bodybuilders and essential equipment manufacturers. This is even more important when designing fleet vehicles specifically tailored to the fundamental requirements of a business. We encourage constant and clear communication between all parties involved throughout the design stage right through to the handover of the finished vehicle. Speak with our technical development team members on (07) 3273 6803 or contact us for the best possible advice when designing your next service maintenance vehicle.

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