PTO Underdeck

The system design of Underdeck Compressors offers many advantages you cannot get when using conventional air compressors. The 5000 series underdeck compressors are built around convenience for the operator. Not only has the need to carry an additional trailer been removed but also the need to carry more fuel as well as avoiding damage and theft to the compressor has been alleviated. Navigating tight job sites is also made simple. Furthermore, you now have the option of towing additional machinery if required.

The advanced system design allows you the option of choosing an output from 85 Cfm up to 175 CFM with just one model. By simply adjusting the engine speed control the compressor will produce up to 175 CFM continuously. Once the PTO is engaged, engine torque and horsepower are transmitted to the air compressor via an appropriately sized tubular drive shaft. The speed control for the compressor modulates according to air demand which offers fuel savings, as well as reduces wear and tear on the vehicle’s engine. When the job is complete simply disengage the PTO and continue to the next job site.

Compressed air without compromise, lightweight and compact in design, the underdeck compressor is a must for any contractor requiring serious air on demand.

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  • Product Numbers:
    5000, 5001, 5003
  • Compressor Drive:
    PTO Shaft Driven
  • Compressor Type:
    Oil Flooded Rotary Screw
  • Air Flow Range:
    85CFM to 175CFM
  • Pressure:
  • Duty Cycle: