SMAC 40-D Mobile Diesel Air Compressor

The SMAC 40-D Diesel compressor is Mobile Energy Australia vehicle-mounted, 40cfm rotary screw air compressor. Powered by a direct drive reliable Kubota 2-cylinder diesel engine. Specifically engineered to be the most compact, lightweight, portable and reliable service maintenance air compressors available. Providing a continuous 40cfm compressed air supply for tools. The unit can be manufactured as either a fully vehicle integrated system using the diesel fuel and 12v power from the host vehicle or can be built as a completely standalone system with the addition of the fuel tank & battery module. The compressor is also available in a fully mine site compliant build on the request of the MEA – Mine specification upgrade.

Engineered for the Australian market

Mobile Energy Australia has focused on providing service maintenance air compressors primarily for mobile fleet vehicles. The SMAC-D range provides end-user confidence and reliability. Utilising the trusted Kubota Z602 diesel engine, which boasts low emissions and improved fuel efficiency. Making the SMAC suitable for most industry site regulations. Not only this, the 1.6 LHR @ 100 % load, 100% duty cycle (Air on Demand). MEA eco-cooling system makes the SMAC highly efficient. With over 1500 units in operation around Australia and internationally, the SMAC-D has become one of the worlds most recognisable vehicle-mounted air compressors.


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  • Product Number:
  • Compressor :
  • Compressor Type:
    Oil Injected Rotary Screw
  • Airflow:
    40CFM / 1132.67LPM
  • Pressure:
    145PSI @ 10BAR
  • Duty Cycle :
  • Engine Make/Model:
    Kubota Z602
  • Fuel Type:
  • Required Voltage :
  • Weight:
  • Dimensions :
    (W)539mm x (L)906mm x (H)906mm