Drilling Fluid Pumps

The Dynaset hydraulic drilling fluid pump is a high-performance drilling pump designed to support the performance of the most basic of drilling duties through to the toughest of drilling operations.

Unique to the design of the Dynaset hydraulic drilling fluid pump, the pump itself uses the reverse linear movement of the hydraulic piston for its operation. Adding to the reliability of the pump is its ability to operate without the use of rotating parts.

Not only is the patented unit powerful and compact the pump can be attached to hydraulic and drilling fluid lines. The fluid pressure and flow can also be easily adjusted using linear hydraulics and without extra lubrication. Fluids that can be used include polymer-based, bentonite-water mix and water mixes with foaming agents.

The long service life of the unit is second to none. With heavy-duty pistons coated in an abrasion-resistant material and self-lubricated with forged poppet valves, the unit has an incredibly low operating and maintenance cost that can run over thousands of hours with minimal maintenance.

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