Compressed Air Foam Systems

CAFS – Firefighting equipment

MEA is Australia’s most innovative and leading manufacturer of compressed air foam systems for use in the Australian fire industries. We currently have hundreds of specialised CAF systems throughout Australia and internationally.

Over the span of the last decade, our specialized engineering team has been heavily focused in the area of research and development of vehicle integrated Compressed Air Foam Systems. Allowing us to gain a full understanding of the technical aspect and the fundamental requirements needed for the successful implementation of CAFS technology. When developing any new CAF systems to suit specific needs of the application. The most import aspect is the collaboration between the fleet builders, senior fire agency representatives, and CAF system developers.

Here at MEA, we take great pride at delivering on this ability to work closely with all involved in the fleet development ensuring the overall success of the design. This allows us to tailor bespoke system designs providing all the fundamental technical requirements needed to produce the best possible outcome.

Enhance your fleet with CAFS

Speak with our Compressed Air Foam engineering & development team for the best possible advice in enhancing your fire fighting capabilities. We specialise in CAF systems in all types of appliance requirements from light attack to heavy tanker vehicles. Our background knowledge in vehicle-mounted compressed air technology and patented CAFAID  has allowed us to design and manufacture the industries lightest weight, space-saving and purpose optimised vehicles. Contact Mobile Energy Australia for more information about our CAF systems.