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Mobile Energy Australia Terms and Conditions of Sale

Welcome to Mobile Energy Australia, your trusted partner for premium power solutions. As you explore our wide range of products and services, you must familiarise yourself with our Terms and Conditions of Sale to ensure a smooth and transparent purchasing experience. These terms outline the rights and obligations of both parties – you as the customer and Mobile Energy Australia as the provider.

1. Product Information and Warranties: Mobile Energy Australia is committed to delivering top-quality power equipment. Our Terms and Conditions of Sale provide detailed product information, including specifications and warranties. Reviewing this information to understand the coverage and duration of warranties for your chosen products is crucial.

2. Pricing and Payment: Our pricing is competitive and reflects the quality of our products. The Terms and Conditions of Sale outline the pricing structure, including applicable taxes and fees. Payment methods and terms are clearly stated to ensure a hassle-free transaction process for consumers.

3. Shipping and Delivery: Mobile Energy Australia strives to deliver products promptly and efficiently. The Terms and Conditions of Sale outline the shipping and delivery procedures, estimated delivery times, and associated costs. We aim to keep you informed throughout the delivery process.

4. Returns and Refunds: In the unlikely event you encounter issues with your purchase, our Terms and Conditions of Sale provide guidelines for returns and refunds. We value your satisfaction and will work diligently to address any concerns fairly and reasonably.

5. Compliance with Laws: Mobile Energy Australia adheres to all relevant laws and regulations as a responsible company. Our Terms and Conditions of Sale emphasize the importance of compliance on the customer’s end, ensuring safe and legally compliant use of our products.

6. Limitation of Liability: While we take every measure to provide accurate product information, Mobile Energy Australia cannot be held liable for any indirect or consequential damages arising from product use. Customers are encouraged to follow recommended guidelines and seek professional advice if needed.

By familiarizing yourself with Mobile Energy Australia’s Terms and Conditions of Sale, you can make informed decisions and enjoy a seamless experience when acquiring our premium mobile equipment solutions. We prioritize transparency, customer satisfaction, and safety in all our transactions. On all, MEA branded air compressors, welder generators, compressed air foam systems, Dynaset hydraulic range, VMAC air compressors, Hydraulic powered auxiliary products, spare parts and service items.

Our current terms and conditions are below and available for pdf download. Should you require any assistance with finding the document or information required, please contact our office directly during business hours (Mon – Fri) at +61 7 3273 6803.

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