MEA relocate to TRHC

TRHC Pty Ltd Announces the strategic relocation of Mobile Energy Australia operations – MEA relocates to TRHC.

Mobile Energy Australia’s new address: 12 Ashburn Rd, Bundamba QLD 4304

TRHC Pty Ltd., a leading manufacturer of high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure cleaning equipment in Australia, acquired Mobile Energy Australia at 39 Dulacca Street, Acacia Ridge in 2022.

TRHC Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the strategic relocation of Mobile Energy Australia (MEA), a recognised provider of vehicle-mounted air compressors, generators, and hydraulic power equipment.

This relocation expands and strengthens TRHC’s product portfolio and strengthens its commitment to offering comprehensive industrial solutions to its customers.

MEA relocate to TRHC head office will commence on the 4th March 2024 and we are expecting the full transition of all manufacturing capabilities
by approx. 8th March 2024. Ensuring that all current commitments and expected completion dates are not badly impacted during this time.


TRHC Group Brands – Expanding Our Areas of Expertise:

  • ThoroughClean
  • Mobile Energy Australia
  • Metco Industrial

For over 20 years, MEA has established itself as a trusted name in the industry, building a reputation for innovation and dependable equipment.

By integrating MEA’s expertise, the TRHC group gains a significant foothold in the market for portable power and compressed air solutions.

This enhances our ability to cater to a broader range of customer needs across various industries.

Clients, Customers, and Distribution Partners – What This Means for You:

  • Seamless Transition: Customers of both TRHC and MEA can expect a smooth transition. All existing orders and warranties will be honoured, and our combined team will ensure exceptional continuity of service and support.
  • Enhanced Product Portfolio: This relocation under one roof significantly expands our product offerings.
  • You can now access a comprehensive range from TRHC.
    •  high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure cleaning equipment,
    • Industry-leading vehicle-mounted air compressors,
    • generators,
    •  and hydraulic power solutions.

This one-stop-shop approach streamlines your procurement process and simplifies equipment integration for enhanced efficiency.

  • Unwavering Commitment to Innovation: Both TRHC and MEA share a passion for innovation. Together, we will leverage our combined talent and resources to push the boundaries of technology, developing even more advanced and efficient solutions for the industrial sector.
  • Strengthened Market Presence: This strategic relocation reinforces TRHC’s position as a major player in the Australian industrial equipment market. We are committed to delivering exceptional value to our customers and contributing to the overall growth and success of the industry.

 Moving Forward and Acknowledgement: MEA relocate to TRHC head office

We are confident that this relocation signifies a positive step forward for both TRHC and MEA. It allows us to offer even greater value to our customers, and employees, and better serve our company stakeholders.

We are excited to welcome the MEA team into the TRHC family home and look forward to a future of shared group success.

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