Under Bonnet Air Compressors

VMAC Underhood Air Compressors

Mobile Energy Australia’s partnership with VMAC Air Compressors has allowed for innovative vehicle-mounted solutions to be delivered within Australia. Under the bonnet, compressors allow for a hidden solution to any onsite or offsite compressor need. The lightweight and compact design of VMAC underhood air compressors can have been successfully installed within the engine bay of the host vehicle. The power of an under bonnet compressor is fully capable of running different types of machinery, including nail guns, welding systems, jackhammers, and tampers simultaneously.

Advantages of Vehicle Integrated Off-Engine Air Compressors

Utilising the vehicle’s engine to run a belt-driven rotary screw has several clear advantages for many reasons. The vehicle integrated system has the lowest power to weight ratio on the market, which substantially reduces the compressed air types of equipment payload on a vehicle. Although compact, these systems are capable of producing 40-70 cubic feet per/minute (CFM) @ 100-150 PSI air on demand. Another advantage is that it also requires no additional fuel to be carried to fuel the compressor or any additional receiver tanks. The compressor utilises  the vehicle as its primary drive source.

Suitable for Most Makes and Models of Popular Australian Service Trucks

Over the past decade, Mobile Energy Australia has performed extensive research and development to successfully incorporate the VR70 & VR40 under-bonnet systems in a wide range of typical Australian service trucks. We can fit the VR70 air compressor systems on Isuzu, Mitsubishi and Hino. Speak with our underbody air compressor team (07)3273 6803 or Contact Us using the webform to find out more about the impressive VMAC underhood air compressors.

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