SMAC 90-H Frameless

The SMAC 90-H Frameless can transform your vehicles existing hydraulic power into quality compressed air making it perfect to run all your air supply needs. The hydraulic powered compressors systems can deliver a reliable source of air supply producing 90cfm and 150psi on demand. The Smartpack hydraulic compressor is perfectly suited for all mobile industrial applications and is typically used within the Civil Construction, Service Maintenance Vehicles, and the Mining Industry as a reliable source of compressed air supply. Please note: Frameless versions only are available from SMAC 90 hydraulic range.


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  • Product Number:
  • Compressor:
    EVO 3NK-G
  • Compressor Type:
    Oil Flooded Rotary Screw
  • Model Available:
    Frameless Versions Only
  • Air Flow:
    80CFM / 2265.34LPM
  • Pressure:
  • Duty Cycle:
  • Hydraulic Motor Type:
    32cc Gear Motor
  • Oil Flow requirements:
  • (Optional) Piston type motor:
    34cc Piston Motor
  • (Optional) Oil Flow requirements:
  • Control:
    12v / 24v Electronic