Firefighting with Compressed Air Foam Systems

Portable Air Compressor

“Innovate or Evaporate” Firefighting with Compressed Air Foam

So, why do fire trucks carry water?

Simple you say, water puts out fires, we all know this is a fact, after all, we see it daily on the world news, it’s pumped from trucks to put out buildings, cars, boats and everything else that may catch alight, you name it, it’s even dropped from aircraft to suppress wildfires, it’s fantastic stuff, it has been used forever to put out fires, the hundreds of years of fire service validation and training highlights and reinforces this. So, water makes things wet and it cools (removes heat) therefore, it is effective to wet and cool materials, when applied onto combusting materials, it puts them out effectively, or so we believe.

BUT MAYBE THIS ISN’T THE CASE AT ALL, maybe, although water definitely has a place, it isn’t the silver bullet at all, what if the ability of water could be enhanced to be 10-20 times more effective and efficient, what if water could be changed somehow to use 20 times less to do the same task and at the same time be safer and environmentally beneficial…..well, it can and it has been validated many times over, we’ll start with the science of compressed air foam systems. Let’s get our geek on and explore Firefighting with Compressed Air Foam!