Electric Powered Systems

Electric Air Compressors for service vans

The vehicle-mounted electric-powered air compressor is our most environmentally friendly system design on the market. This compact unit has been specifically designed to minimise the overall required space needed for the system’s installation. We are producing a reliable 150psi and 11cfm maximum airflow output. The Battcom is ideally suited for light commercial tyre fitting vans, fleet management vehicles, mobile mechanics and utility service vehicles.

The advantages of electric-powered compressors for Mobile van fleets

As the importance of mobility in-service maintenance fleet vehicle is emphasised. There is a growing trend around the world to enhance the service industry further by utilising commercial vans rather than using tradition small to medium trucks. This shift has been becoming increasingly popular with the tyre-fitting industry, small mobile mechanics and service technicians. The dynamic of service vans are quite versatile, however many industries require a reliable source of compressed air to perform their services. Understanding this requirement leads Mobile Energy Australia to engineer the Battcom – Electric Air Compressor powered by deep cycle battery and fully integrated into the vehicle design.

Silent and environmentally friendly in design

Consider this system if you’re looking for a silent air compressor. One of the major advantages of the MEA – Battcom system is reduced noise associated with the electric compressor system. As there is no need for a fuel-driven engine to power the compressor pump, the system makes virtually no noise. This in turn requires the operator no need to carry additional fuel to power the unit. Making the integrated electric air compressor produce no fumes and require less moving parts. Speak with our team of experts today for more information on the MEA – Battcom system.

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