The Battcom electric air compressor is MEA most environmentally friendly system design. This compact unit has been specifically engineered to minimize the overall required space needed for the installation of the system. The MEA framed Battcom system is available in 12volt or 24volt models and can be easily adapted to suit most industrial applications producing a reliable source of airflow 11cfm @ 150psi.

The MEA (Battcom) electric air compressor is perfectly suited for light commercial tyre fitting vans, fleet management vehicles, mobile mechanics and utility service vehicles. Battery powered compressors system is one of the best electric designs available and should be seriously considered when fitting compressed air to your next light to medium van or utility vehicle.

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  • Product Number:
    7401-5 or 6
  • Compressor Type:
    Reciprocating Twin Piston
  • Drive System:
    Electric Powered Belt Drive
  • Control Type:
  • Air Delivery:
    11.3CFM @ 150PSI
  • Safety Relief Valve:
  • Motor Control :
    Differential Pressure Switch
  • Duty Cycle:
    60-70% @ 9 Bar