AHMAG – Australian Hydraulic Magnet & Generator

The Mobile Energy Australia hydraulic magnet transforms the hydraulic power of a work machine effectively into electric lifting power. The unit comprises a powerful hydraulic magnet generator, installation valves and a high-class magnet, enclosed in a robust shell. Taking the hydraulic magnet into use is very simple: it requires only the connection of two hoses with quick couplings eg. with the hammer hydraulics, plus attachment to excavator boom. The AHMAG is ready for work in a couple of minutes.

Attaching the AHMAG, Mobile Energy Australia offers traditional lifting chains and a mushroom attachment, suitable for a grab. The grab attachment is very simple. For example, it enables several scrap collecting trucks to use one single magnet
Because the AHMAG runs in practically all work machines with no adjustments, its handy and powerful features become evident in periodical work at demolition sites or recycling yards etc.
As for power and durability, the AHMG is very suitable for long-lasting quarrying all around the year. AHMAG’s extraordinarily handy nature and innovativeness have been officially recognized: it received SED’s “Award for Excellence” as early OS in 2003. Because of its superior ease of use, great compatibility and durable design.

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  • Diameter available:
    700mm to 1500mm
  • Power source:
    Hydraulic Generator mounted directly to magnet
  • Types of coupling :
    Chains, Top Hat Grab, Quick Hitch Connection