1500mm Lifting Magnet

Scrap Lifting Magnets

  1. This series adopts a special design magnetic circuit which has large air space and magnetism density. It is made of aluminium wire and the coil protection plate is made of the rolled high Mn steel plate that has good performance of wear-resistance & heat-proof. It also has the characteristics of lightweight, low power consumption, high lifting capacity and long serving life.
  2. This series has a fine insulation structure. The insulation treatments adopt the vacuum trying & glue filling, which has improved the electrical and mechanical performance of the coils. The insulation grade can reach class special C.
  3. It generally adopts the control mode of constant voltage. It can further improve the lifting capacity if changing to adopt the control mode of overexcitation.
  4. With simple structure and reliability, it is suitable for working with all kinds of lifting types of equipment.

1500mm Magnet Special Offer…

Mobile Energy Australia is currently offering an extended discount on the 1500mm Magnet range. (T&C’s apply).

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  • Diameter :
  • Power source:
    Hydraulic Magnet Generator
  • Types of coupling:
    Chains, Top Hat Grab, Quick Hitch Connection