HPW 800/30-85

The hydraulic high-pressure water pump (HPW) transforms the work machine’s hydraulic power into flow and pressure of the pumped fluid. Pumped water or other fluid can be taken from a natural source, reservoir or pressurised supply.
Low-cost usage 
Compact size, lightweight, durable construction and low water consumption make the HPW pump a low-cost accessory in use.

Durable & compact design 
HPW’s patented construction is based on hydraulic piston-to-piston principle, allowing total freedom of rotating parts, granting great durability. The compact sized pump can be installed practically in any place on the work machine.

Ultimate power-to-size ratio
The size and weight of an HPW pump are only a fraction of traditional pumps of same power level: the HPW pump has the highest power-to-size ratio in the world

Great versatility 
A Pump is an excellent tool in everyday heavy power cleaning work and other cleaning tasks. It is also very efficient in eg. dust suppression, fire extinguishing and industrial use.

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  • Model:
    HPW 800/30-140
  • Pumping Fluid Flow:
    30 l/min
  • Pressure Max:
    11603 psi
  • Power:
    40 kW
  • Hydraulic Oil Flow:
    140 l/min (max)
  • Hydraulic Oil Pressure:
    210 Bar (max)