Welder Generator & Air Compressor – The Ultimate Package

The Maxweld 1000 Air welder generator & air compressor has been designed specifically to meet the needs of the Australian mobile welding industry. The system exceeds all industry regulations and was engineered to meet the strict criteria of mine site regulations. While offering the versatility needed to maximise onsite welding productivity without comprising on any safety.  The welder generator has enough continuous power and free air delivery to perform 500 Amp dual operator air arc gouging in the toughest of conditions. This essentially provides double productivity and capacity to get the job done. The unit is perfectly suited to provide boilermakers, mobile welders, heavy diesel maintenance crews, mining contractors all the essential power supply to tackle any task.

Our dedication to improving vital maintenance equipment to keep your operations running.

Recently in many Australian Mine sites, there has been a heavy focus on compliance and improved safety. The system is a 1000 Amp 50 Hz, 65 CFM/150 PSI, Generator, Air Compressor with a welder. When designing the Maxweld 1000 Air MEA decided that due to the developments by welder manufactures in Invertor technology. It seemed to us that we should create a bespoke Generator and integrated a serious rotary screw compressor to the engine.

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  • Alternator:
    75Kva @ 415/240v
  • Alternator Make/Model:
    Meccalte/ECP32 1L4
  • Frequency:
  • Engine Make:
  • Compressor:
  • Air Flow/Pressure:


Fully programable generator controller with digital readout
4 Pole Battery Isolator Switch
Anderson Plug for jump start
On/Off Switches lockable
Lockable fuel filling door
2 x 50 Amp outlet
2x 15 Amp outlet
Same Side Servicing
Emergency Stop
Compressor Load/Unload Switch
Compressor oil cooling by fully Stainless-Steel water-cooled plate heat exchanger
Hard Wire Terminal Box
Air Filter and Regulator
Low Coolant level shut down
Low fuel flashing orange light
Fully Bunded 210 litre Fuel Tank
Dimensions 2154 L x 1006 W x 1790 H
Weight 1580Kg
Noise Level 82 dba
Compliant to AS/NZS 3010:2017 Electrical Installations – Generating Sets
Compliant to AS 3000:2018 Wiring Rules for Generating Sets
2 x Fuel Senders, 1 to round fuel gauge, 1 to controller at 10% fuel level to initiate orange
flashing light warning on canopy top, (NO shutdown on low fuel needed).
Air Filter and Regulator
Air Water Separator
Air Aftercooler

Optional Features
Breathing Air Filtration with C02 Monitoring
Mine Spec