Smartweld 500 Air

MEA is an Australian manufacturer of vehicle-mounted Compressed Air Products. We want to update you with one of our latest product developments, the SmartWeld 500 Air.
Our SmartWeld/MaxWeld design removes any safety ambiguity regarding frequency requirements for Australian work and mine sites. Also, any confusion relating to frequency requirements of tools or motors being selected for 50Hz or 60 Hz. The SmartWeld is a 500 Amp 50 Hz, 60 CFM/150 PSI, Generator, Air Compressor with a welder. When designing the SmartWeld 500-Air MEA decided that due to the developments by welder manufactures in Invertor technology. It seemed to us that we should create a bespoke Generator and integrated a serious rotary screw compressor to the engine.
MEA has much expertise in implementing directly off engine-driven compressor systems. It wasn’t tricky for MEA to develop this while working closely with the generator manufacturer. During the design phase, we noted that a requirement for more AC power while gouging at 500 Amps was required by industry. Resulting in SmartWeld 500 Air has still another 8 Kva of AC power when Arc Air Gouging with the Esab Warrior 500 or equivalent at 500 amps.

The Smartweld 500 Air is fully certified in accordance with the following standards:

1. Audit Based on BMA Standard Vehicles and Mobile Equipment BMA-STD-005 Version B (Mechanical and Electrical)
2. Testing and Compliance in accordance to S227 of the Electrical
3. AS/NZS:60204.1: 2005 ELECTRICAL AUDIT (AS30002018)
4. AS/NZS:3010: 2017 ELECTRICAL AUDIT ((Safety Regulations 2013)
5. AS/NZS:60204.1: 2005 ELECTRICAL AUDIT (AS602042015)
6. AS/NZS:60204.1: 2005 ELECTRICAL AUDIT (Regulation2019-3-1)

The Ultimate 3 in 1 – Welding Package – Welder, Generator & Air Compressor

  • Fully programmable generator controller with digital readout.
  • 4 Pole Battery Isolator Switch.
  • Anderson Plug for jump starter.
  • On/Off Switches lockable.
  • Lockable fuel filling door.
  • 1 x 50 Amp outlet.
  • 1 x 32 Amp outlet.
  • 2x 15 Amp outlet.
  • Same Side Servicing.
  • Emergency Stop.
  • Compressor Load/Unload Switch.
  • Compressor oil cooling by fully S/S water cooled plate heat exchanger.
  • Hard Wire Terminal Box.
  • Air Filter and Regulator.
  • Low Coolant level shut down.
  • Low fuel flashing orange light.
  • Fully Bunded 150 litre Fuel Tank.
  • Dimensions 1680L x 955W x 1260H.
  • Weight 1100Kg.
  • Noise Level 78 dba.
  • Compliant to AS/NZS 3010:2017 Electrical Installations – Generating Sets.
  • Compliant to AS 3000:2018 Wiring Rules for Generating Sets.
  • 2 x Fuel Senders, 1 to round fuel gauge, 1 to the controller at 10% fuel level to initiate orange flashing light warning on canopy top, (NO shutdown on low fuel needed).
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  • Alternator:
    38 Kva @ 415/240v
  • Alternator Make:
  • Fequency:
  • Engine Make:
  • Engine Speed:
    1500 RPM
  • Compressor:
  • Air Flow:
    65 CFM

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