Predatair 40

The PREDATAIR 40 is the revolutionary hydraulic air compressor engineered and manufactured by VMAC to meet the demands of the most challenging applications. Equipped with a remote digital LCD control unit, operators can now monitor hydraulic and compressor oil temperature, pressure, system hours and error logs, for on-the-spot analysis and troubleshooting.

The PRED40 is designed with a standby mode that helps maximize service intervals and system life.  When you stop using air, the system goes into standby.  When you start using air again, the system automatically restarts, generating the air you need.  This saves you fuel costs, maintenance costs and wears on your hydraulic system.

The system utilizes the latest in compact air compressor technology, ensuring a complete air system including cooler, compressor, and components.  Instantly saving space and weight for tools and equipment. The rotary-screw compressor packs up to 40 CFM, enough free air delivery to power a diverse range of pneumatic requirements.

VMAC stands behind its products.  In a recent dealer survey, VMAC ranks among top suppliers by offering prompt, comprehensive and professional technical and customer support.  A 2-year warranty comes standard on every VMAC air system.




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  • Product Numbers:
  • Compressor:
    Predatair 40
  • Compressor Type:
  • Air End :
    Rotary Screw
  • Air Flow:
    40CFM / 1,132.67LPM
  • Pressure: