Australia’s Best Portable Air Compressors

Best Portable Air Compressors

As you’re probably aware, air compressors come in a range of different shapes and sizes, with each one being suitable for a different purpose. At Mobile Energy Australia, we often get customers coming in asking which model is the “best” portable air compressor, which is a valid question. Everyone wants the best, right?

However, the answer is not as simple. We believe there is no “best” portable air compressor but rather an air compressor that is best for your intended purpose. Therefore, below, we’re listing our top picks for Australia’s best portable air compressors for each different purpose including light work, heavy work, and the best all-rounder.

What to Look For

When purchasing an air compressor, it’s important to focus on quality; but what does quality look like? At Mobile Energy Australia, we pride ourselves on producing air compressors using only the highest quality materials, built to withstand the harsh Australian environment. Our air compressors are also designed to be highly reliable as we use rotary screw air compressor technology, which allows us to provide 100% duty cycle. If your air compressor isn’t made out of durable materials, or has a low duty cycle, you won’t be able to get the most out of your air compressor, especially for larger jobs.

While these are general things to look for, it’s important to also look specifically what you’ll be using the air compressor for. This will determine the pressure and airflow you need to look for in your compressor, which is why we believe there is not a single air compressor that is the best for everyone.

The Best Air Compressor for Light Work

If you intend on using your air compressor for lighter work, perhaps just at home or occasionally at your workplace – you’re in for some good news. Needless to say, air compressors are expensive pieces of machinery, especially the powerful ones. Therefore, if you only intend on using your air compressor to provide power to things such light power tools, you need not purchase a powerful compressor.

Our portable air compressor pick for light work is the SmartPack 35-P, a petrol air compressor with an air flow of 35CFM that is designed to be powerful, yet easy to maintain.

The Best Air Compressor for Heavy Work

On the other hand, if you’re using your air compressor frequently, and for heavy work, it’s best to spend a little bit more on a more powerful air compressor so that your tools can work as best as possible. Our most powerful portable air compressor is the SMAC 40-D, which powers at an airflow of 40CFM and an air pressure of 145PSI, of course with 100% duty cycle like all of our air compressors.

Best All-Round Air Compressor

We understand of course that sometimes, you are using your portable air compressor for a range of different purposes and just want something that does the job well on an all-round basis.

For this, the team at MEA recommends the SMAC 35-DG with fuel and battery system. The SMAC 35-DG is capable of providing a fully standalone portable air compressor with additional generator which essentially not only provides air, but a mobile workstation to power both pneumatic and electric tools.

Custom Specifications

At Mobile Energy Australia, we offer custom portable air compressors for those wanting a machine that is completely perfect for the job. Simply get in touch with our experienced team who will take you through your options and ask you to provide the exact specifications you need.

Mobile Energy Australia are a Brisbane based, Australian owned specialise in portable energy products, specifically air compressors. To learn more about our range of products, visit our website.