How to Choose a Welder Generator

Welder Generators

When choosing a welder generator, there are a range of things you need to consider to make sure you’re choosing the right machine for your intended usage. This includes looking at the generator’s size, specifications and, if you’re on a budget, its cost. At Mobile Energy Australia, we stock a range of high-quality welder generators suitable for a variety of uses, designed to withstand the harsh Australian environment. Therefore, as experts in this field, we’re sharing below a comprehensive guide on how to choose a welder generator.

What is a Welder Generator?

A welder generator, as the name suggests, generates power for welding tools without needing to rely on mains electricity. It’s powered by a fuel tank filled with either petrol or diesel (depending on the machine) which can provide power to your welding equipment wherever you need it. Due to its uses, these generators are a staple piece of equipment for construction sites, farms, industrial sites and even homes.

Despite being called a “welder” generator, these machines can also be used as stand-alone generators, saving you space and money since you don’t have to run two separate machines. When you aren’t using the machine for welding, it can be used to power other things on your worksite such as lights, tools or simply as a source of emergency power. At Mobile Energy Australia, we have a range of welder generators suitable for a range of different uses.

Knowing your Specifications

One of the first steps when choosing a welder generator is to consider how you intend to use the machine. Are you looking for a welder generator to be used for your house on occasions, or on a farm or worksite on a frequent basis? If you’re planning on simply using your generator around the house when required, you can cut costs by opting for a welder generator with a lower airflow (CFM) and pressure (PSI).

On the other hand, if your generator is going to be used to power heavy tools on a worksite on a daily basis, you’ll be wanting to consider a welder generator with powerful CMF and PSI. Most importantly, you need to choose a welder generator that is going to match the specifications of the machine that requires the most power. This way, you know you’ll be able to provide power to every piece of equipment on your site from the one generator.


Working outside in Australia often means having to withstand harsh weather conditions, especially in summer. Therefore, when choosing a welder generator, it’s important to consider its durability. Our welder generators at Mobile Energy Australia are tough, designed specifically for the Australian environment and mining sites. In light of this, our welder generators are compliant with the recently improved safety standards in Australian mines and are a popular choice for many mining companies.

Our Range of Welder Generators

Maxweld 1000 Air

The Maxweld 100 air is a combination generator and air compressor designed to meet the needs of the Australian mobile welding industry and the criteria of mine site regulations. Designed for boilermakers, mobile welders, heavy diesel maintenance crews and mining contractors, this machine is highly versatile and powerful. Click here to view the specifications.

Smartweld 500 Air

Designed specifically for Australian Mine sites, the Smartweld 500 Air has been engineered for compliance with industry safety standards and mine site regulations. A combination generator and air compressor, this machine is powerful beyond industry requirements, allowing workers to perform their job better. Click here to view the complete list of specifications.


The SMAC 35-DWG is a portable vehicle-mounted, oil-injected generator, air compressor and welder system. Run by the Kutoba diesel engine, this machine is powerful, yet compact, lightweight and most importantly: reliable. This machine is a great option as it is suitable for most industry site regulations, boasting low emissions and high fuel efficiency. Click here to view the complete list of specifications.

Mobile Energy Australia are an Australian owned and operated compressor company, stocking a range of high-quality, reliable machines. To learn more about our product range, visit our website.