Benefits of Portable Air Compressors

Portable Air Compressor

Wondering what the benefits of portable air compressors, and whether they are worth the investment? Read on to learn everything you need to know!

Portable Air Compressors are primarily used for providing compressed air to tools or objects that need it to operate. Air compressors are versatile and often used across a range of industries such as construction, manufacturing and agriculture as well as to power engines, HVAC, spray painters, pressure washers and so much more.

Essentially, they work to power anything that needs pressurised air. Portable air compressors are great because they are lighter and smaller than regular air compressors, making them perfect for remote jobs.

They Produce Less Noise:

One of the major downfalls of regular air compressors is that they can be very noisy and disrupt residential areas. However, portable air compressors produce much less noise because they use less power and don’t require an electrical outlet to run.

While all portable air compresses are relatively quiet, if you’re especially conscious of noise, diesel-powered portable air compressors are the quietest of all. At Mobile Energy Australia, we have a range of portable air compressor available and our team can suggest one that will best suit your needs and budget.

They are Compact:

Portable air compressors come in a range of different shapes and sizes; however, no matter what their size, they are all designed to be compact. In order for a machine to be portable, it must be lightweight and small in size, otherwise it defeats the purpose of being portable. This way, the machine not only saves space when being used, but also optimizes the available space on your service vehicle.

The number one space saving tip when it comes to portable air compressors is to purchase one that provides free air on demand. This is because when portable air compressors have a small tank capacity, the user will more than likely have to carry an extra tank, which ultimately takes up more room. Mobile Energy Australia stock portable air compressors which require no receiver tank and systems with very small tanks so that you can choose one that’s best for you.

They Can Double as a Cleaning Device:

Perhaps a widely unknown benefit, portable air compressors can actually double as a cleaning device. No, they can’t scrub away at grease and grime, but they can blow away dust and dirt. This is especially useful for equipment with holes and nooks that are hard to reach with regular cleaning equipment as the air compressor can simply blow powerful air into these spaces.

Aside from cleaning machinery, portable air compressors can also be useful for cleaning hard to reach areas in your house or workspace. Simply turn on the machine and use the end of the nozzle to begin blowing the dust away.

They are Versatile:

As mentioned in the introduction, portable air compressors are extremely versatile tools and can be used in a range of different applications. Whether you need to pump your tyres on the side of the road, power your tools on a worksite, paint your fence using a spray painter or go scuba diving, a portable air compressor can provide pressurised air on the go for all of these.

At Mobile Energy Australia, we can help you find a portable air compressor that best suits what you’ll be using it for. We stock a range of rotary screw portable air compressors powered by petrol, diesel, electricity, hydraulics and more available in a range of different horse powers, PSI’s and capacities. Get in touch for more information.