Best Portable Tyre Air Compressors

Air Compressor For Tyres

When purchasing portable air compressors for tyres, there are some specific features you need to consider. At Mobile Energy Australia, we stock a wide range of portable air compressors that are suitable for pumping tyres, regardless of your budget and power preference. Therefore, as industry experts, we’ve provided a complete guide below on the best air compressor options for tyres along with some of the features you should look for.

Features to Look Out for:

As air compressors for tyres will often be used in situations where there is no alternate air supply, it is important that the portable air compressor you choose is highly reliable and can get the job done as quickly as possible. Air compressors with a sufficient amount of cubic feet per minute (CFM), otherwise known as air supply and pound per square inch (PSI) will be able to fill your tyres the quickest and to the right amount of pressure.

You should also look for air compressors that have all the industry compliant features to ensure the safety of the operator and the general public. When checking for this, you will be looking to see if the air compressor is marked to Australian Standards including over pressure and temperature shutdown safety switches.

All of the air compressors stocked at Mobile Energy Australia are compliant with Australian Standards and come in a range of different CFM and PSI.

Truck vs Car Tyres:

Naturally, depending on the tyres your vehicle has, there will be air compressors that are better suited to different tyres. If you’re operating a truck, your tyres will require higher pressure due to the volume of air needed to fill the tyre. Rotary screw air compressors are the best for filling truck tyres because they enable the operator to inflate and change tyres more efficiently so they can get back on the road quickly, particularly in remote locations. As trucks are used a lot for transporting goods, they often cannot afford to have a flat tyre and wait hours for the tyre to fill up again.

Car tyres, on the other hand, are much smaller and therefore don’t require a high PSI. Therefore, you can purchase a portable air compressor for tyres with a much smaller output, which are often more affordable. Smaller air compressors also make it easier to perform car tyre services in narrow streets, in driveways or at the office.

MEA’s Recommendations:

Tyre Air Compressors For Trucks

For trucks, we recommend the following portable air compressor:

The SMAC 40D is one of Australia’s most trusted and reliable portable diesel-powered air compressors. It is suitable for all types of mobile truck tyre service vehicles and has enough free air to run ¾ inch rattle guns without the need for any additional receiver tanks.

The VR70 and VR40 take up no additional space on the tyre service vehicle as all components are mounted within the engine bay. This allows the mobile provider to carry more tyres and complete more call outs before having to go back to the depot.

Tyre Air Compressors For Cars

For cars, we recommend the following portable air compressors:

The Battcom is great for pumping car tyres because it is compact, lightweight and has zero emissions. Hence its name, the Battcom is operated by deep cycle batteries, taking up little room in your vehicle and providing all the air needed to inflate and change car tyres. As the Battcom is a piston type compressor, it is very quiet and can be used at any time of the night in suburban settings without disrupting neighbours. Read more about quiet air compressors.

The Smartpack 35 is a completely portable and standalone system that has the ability to be lifted and exchanged between vehicles. As a rotary screw compressor, it provides the same 35CFM free air and 145PSI needed for serious mobile service tyre vehicles, making it an extremely powerful machine.

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