How a VMAC Air Compressor Works

Ever wondered how a VMAC air compressor works? We’re sharing their benefits and how they work in our latest article.

When it comes to air compressors, there are so many makes, models and varieties that are available to the market, sometimes making it difficult for consumers to make a purchase decision. Luckily, there are professionals available who can assist with the decision-making process and recommend an air compressor that’s going to be perfect for your needs.

In this article we’re focusing on VMAC air compressors and providing a comprehensive guide for how a VMAC air compressor works. At Mobile Energy Australia, we have been working with VMAC for many years, co-operating and collaborating to certify and engineer the VR40 & 70 systems to suit the Australian truck market and service vehicle industries.

What is a VMAC Air Compressor?

VMAC stands for Vehicle Mounted Air Compressor; they are air compressors designed to be mounted and installed into your vehicle. These are otherwise known as underbonnet air compressors because they sit within the engine bay of your vehicle, under the bonnet of your car as opposed to in the tray of your ute.

At Mobile Energy Australia, as Australia’s number one distributors of VMAC we stock and support all types of systems including RAPTAIR, PRED40, PRED60, VR70 and the VR40.

VMAC Air Compressor

How do they work?

VMAC air compressors provide a powerful, endless supply of air for your tools, without the bulkiness. VMAC air compressors are mounted under the vehicles engine and are belt driven, using oil rotary screws spun at high speeds, which forces hot compressed air and oil into a separator tank beneath the vehicle. This separator tank removes any oil particles, delivering oil free compressed air to your tools.

Once the oil has been used, it is recirculated to a heat exchanger, which works in conjunction with the vehicle’s cooling system. From here, cool, clean oil is then recirculated back to the air compressor and as your tools need more air, the electronic throttle control increases RPM to produce more CFM, supplying the air you need to get the job done fast.

The Benefits of a VMAC

A VMAC is one of the most cost effective, powerful air compressors on the market as it allows you to provide an endless supply of air to your tools right from your car. In fact, this vehicle integrated system has the lowest power-to-weight ratio on the market. Unlike other powerful air compressors, a VMAC is compact, where being fitted under the bonnet eliminates the need for a heavy tank to be carried on the trailer, leaving more room for other tools.

Having a powerful supply of air coming directly from your car allows you to get the job done more quickly and effectively, fulfilling your work demands with confidence. Finally, this compressor is very low maintenance, making it an affordable and easy piece of equipment to run.

MEA’s Range

At MEA, we stock two under bonnet air compressors from VMAC; the VR70 and the VR40. Both of these air compressors are designed to be lightweight and compact, producing the highest quality air on demand for your tools. Each compressor is capable of running pneumatic equipment including nail guns, welding systems, jackhammers, and tampers alike, providing your worksite with all the power it needs.

The main difference between the VR70 and the VR40 is their respective Cubic Feet Per Minute, where the VR70 sits at 70CFM and the VR40 sits at 40CFM. However, when it comes to air pressure, duty cycle and drive type, both the VR70 and VR40 have 150psi, 100% duty cycle and a belted drive type.

In addition to these two under-bonnet systems, we also support VMAC’s entire product range here in Australia – this includes under bonnet, hydraulic and engine driven systems, along with all original VMAC spare parts for servicing and repairs. You can browse our entire range of VMAC systems here.

Mobile Energy Australia are portable air compressor specialists, also stocking a range of other mobile energy products. To learn more about our product range, particularly the VMAC range of compressors and essential spare parts, contact one of our friendly team on (07) 3273 6803.