Why you Need an Air Compressor for Off Road

Why you Need an Air Compressor for Off Road

When travelling on the road, whether it’s for work or a holiday, air compressors are essential. If you head off without an air compressor, you run the risk of being stranded with a flat tyre, which can be especially dangerous in remote areas where help can sometimes be hours away. In addition to fixing a flat or damaged tyre, air compressors have a range of different uses while off roading that will come in handy during your journey.

At Mobile Energy Australia, we stock a range of portable air compressors suitable for a range of uses and budgets. Therefore, we’re providing a guide as to why you need an air compressor for off road.

Uses of Air Compressors when Off Road

As mentioned above, an air compressor is an essential tool for off roading that is useful in many situations. One of the main uses of an air compressor while off roading is to pump and deflate tyres while moving through different types of terrain. Deflating tyres will prevent tyre damage and soften the ride for your passengers on rough surfaces. However, after you’ve deflated your tyres, you will need to repump them in order to drive smoothly on bitumen roads.

Another important use for an air compressor for off roading is to reinflate a repaired tyre when you have multiple damaged tyres and only one spare. Finally, for those who work in construction and mining in remote areas, an air compressor is an essential piece of machinery not only to inflate tyres, but also to power different tools that require high-pressure air.

Air Compressor for Off Road

Which Air Compressor is Best for Off Roading?

At Mobile Energy Australia, we stock a wide range of high-quality air compressors that are suitable for a range of different uses, whether you simply want to inflate tyres or provide pressurised air to heavy power tools. If your sole purpose for purchasing an air compressor is to inflate tyres, you won’t need an air compressor with a high Horsepower (HP) or Air Pressure (PSI), which is beneficial because the higher these two elements are, the more expensive your air compressor will be.

On the other hand, if you’re using your compressor to power heavy tools, you will need to carefully consider the HP, PSI and Cubic Feet Per Metre (CFM). At MEA, we recommend finding the tool that requires the highest PSI to operate and basing your purchase off this to ensure that you will be able to provide power to all your machines.

If you’re still unsure of which air compressor to purchase, the team at MEA can assist to help you find the perfect compressor for your work.  Regardless of what you’re using your air compressor for, the number one feature your air compressor should have is reliability. Generally, air compressors with a higher pressure and larger tank size are going to be the most reliable and have the best chance of holding power for a long period of time. In light of this, our favourite all-rounder air compressors are the SMAC 40D and the Smart Pack 35. These two compressors are reliable, powerful and sturdy; Australian made, made to withstand the harsh Australian environment.

Mobile Energy Australia stock a range of high-quality, Australian made air compressors suitable for use off road and in your shed. For more information about our products, contact one of our friendly team on 3273 6803.