Buyer’s Guide to The Best 12v Air Compressors

12v air compressor

12v air compressors include a range of different models on the market and knowing which one is best for you can be tricky to figure out. That’s why we’ve decided to compile a handy buyer’s guide to list all of MEA’s 12v air compressors in the one place for your convenience.

From diesel to petrol to electrically powered units, we have a variety of high-quality mobile 12v air compressors that can be used for industrial and residential purposes. This guide will go into comprehensive detail about what each model offers in terms of their functionality, usability, and specifications. After all, at MEA, we love to provide advice to our customers and help point them in the right direction for their air compressor needs.

Diesel Powered 12v Air Compressors


The SMAC 40-D has been designed to be the most portable and dependable service maintenance air compressor on the market. Powered by diesel and a 12v charge, the SMAC 40-D has an impressive airflow capacity of 40CFM at 145psi, making it ideal for powering tools and being equipped on mobile service fleets. This unit can be fully integrated as part of the host vehicle or be bought with its own fuel tank and battery module. There’s a reason this unit has become an iconic vehicle-mounted air compressor, and that’s because its reliability has made it a customer favourite.


The SMAC 35-DG is a remarkably versatile unit, offering both a 12v, 35CFM air compressor and an 8.5Kva generator in the one package. Additionally, like the SMAC 40-4, the 35-DG can be bought with its own fuel tank and battery module or powered through the vehicle its mounted to.

If you’re looking to turn your vehicle into a fully-equipped mobile workstation, then the SMAC 35-DWG offers all the features of the 35-DG, but with the added bonus of a Sincro welder attached.

SmartPack 35-D & SmartPack 35-D Plus

The SmartPack 35-D is renowned for being one of the most lightweight, efficient, and powerful 12v rotary screw air compressors out there. It’s airflow output of 35CFM at a duty cycle of 100% deserves to be marvelled at, and its two-stage corrosion resistant powder coating ensures the unit’s durability and low-maintenance over a long period of time.

The SmartPack 35-D Plus offers all the same versatility and power, but with the addition of a 3.5Kva generator, making it a perfect choice for those in the services industry.

Petrol Powered 12v Air Compressors

SmartPack 70-P

There are few rotary screw air compressors on the market that have a better power to size ratio than the SmartPack 70-P. This unit amazes with its sturdy design, cost-effective fuel efficiency, and powerful airflow of 70CFM. Like all SmartPack compressors, the 70-P is coated with two-stage corrosion-resistant powder, helping it stay effective in all conditions. Powered by the Kohler 26.5 HP motor and requiring a voltage of 12v, this unit pairs high-intensity airflow with a durable design.

SmartPack 35-P and SmartPack 35-P Plus

The SmartPack 35-P brings greater portability to air compressors, without sacrificing much of the power. The Kohler 14 HP engine that powers this compressor offers fantastic airflow at 35CFM, only now in a more compact, easy-to-use unit. The 35-P is also equipped with a self-regulating load/unload control system which helps to reduce fuel consumption and noise levels.

For those in the mobile service maintenance industry who want a generator attached to their air compressor, the SmartPack 35-P Plus comes equipped with a 3.5Kva generator so that it’s all in the one, convenient package.

Electric 12v Air Compressors

Battcom & Battcom Frameless

The Battcom & Battcom Frameless mobile air compressors are MEA’s most environmentally friendly units, as they are entirely powered through electricity, therefore eliminating any fuel emissions. This also reduces their noise levels and size, so that they can be fitted into tighter spaces. However, this doesn’t come at the sacrifice of power, as these compressors have an airflow of 11CFM at 150psi, making them ideal for tyre inflation, mobile mechanics, and fleet management vehicles.

It should be noted that Battcom & Battcom Frameless air compressors can be purchased at either 12v or 24v.

If you have any questions about MEA’s range of 12v air compressors, then our friendly team would love to hear from you on 3273 6803.