SNUFIT D 1000-350-70

The Snufit-D 1000 is found in many of the Australian firefighting tankers currently in service. The cross mounted system has been widely utilised in medium to heavy rural tanker applications. These vehicles are predominantly 4×4 and capable of pump and roll applications.

When in Cafs mode, the system can sustain multiple handlines or front monitor deliverability of 350Lpm.  The system can also support a 1400Lpm water flow from the reliable Darley pump.

The engineering behind the Snufit-D 1000 was only made possible through the collaboration of the Tasmania firefighting service. The partnership allowed us to test the application of the cross mount system at there testing facilities and incorporation of the system onto the fleet currently in service.

The MEA Sunfit range can be designed to support the specific requirements needed for the host vehicles. Please speak with our Caf’s development team directly to collaborate on how to integrate, the MEA Snufit systems into your fleet of CAFS enhanced vehicles.

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  • Model:
    SNUFIT D 1000-350-70
  • Engine Specifications::
  • Type:
    Water cooled - Diesel
  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:
  • Power:
    26KW / 35HP
  • Speed:
  • Voltage:
    12V or 24V
  • Water Pump Specifications::
  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:
  • Max Pressure:
    9 BAR
  • Max Water Flow:
    1400 LPM
  • Wet Caf:
    350 LPM
  • Compressor System Specifications::
  • Manufacturer:
  • Max Pressure:
    10 BAR / 150 PSI
  • Max Air Flow:
    70 CFM @ 10 BAR