SNUFIT D 2000-700-130

The Snufit-D 2000 is lastest development high flow cross mount compressed air foam system. The unit was specifically manufactured for heavy tankers or large scale urban response firefighting vehicles. We are enhancing the capability of delivering traditional fire fighting tactics of high flow water by either multiple handlines or monitor.

When in Cafs mode the Snufit can supply two 38mm handlines up to 350Lpm or while in a pump and roll application provide 700Lpm high volume Cafs from the vehicle front monitor.

The overall flexibility of the MEA Snufit, 2000 cross mount system, can optimise both the efficiency and practical application of compressed air foam while being able to sustain all traditional methods.
To find out more about the MEA Snufit system, contact our Compressed Air Foam development team.

All Mobile Energy Australia Caf system can be uniquely modified to suit the specific requirements of the vehicle expected characteristics.

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  • Model:
    SNUFIT D 2000-700-130
  • Engine Specifications::
  • Type:
    Water cooled - Diesel
  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:
  • Power:
    26KW / 35HP
  • Speed:
  • Voltage:
    12V or 24V
  • Water Pump Specifications::
  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:
  • Max Pressure:
    14 BAR
  • Max Water Flow:
    2000 LPM
  • Wet Caf:
    700 LPM
  • Compressor System Specifications::
  • Manufacturer:
  • Max Pressure:
    10 BAR / 150 PSI
  • Max Air Flow:
    130 CFM @ 10 BAR