SNUFIT DA 700-150-35

The Snufit-DA 700 is Mobile Energy Australian specific medium-sized tanker design system. The high flow water can be used in the dual handline application of 350Lpm while the vehicle is in pump and roll.

The system enhanced CAFS mode engineered to reduce the water load required and optimise the effective high shear foam. The Cafaid device has reduced the standard amount of scrubbing needed and allows the foam created to have a superior bubble structure.

Medium-sized tankers typically can carry a reasonable amount of water, and the Snufit-DA 700 provides the fundament pump requirements for both water & CAFS. The integration of CAFS allows for the payload of water to utilise in the most effective and more efficient fire suppression.


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  • Model:
    SNUFIT DA 700-150-35
  • Engine Specifications::
  • Type:
    Air cooled - Diesel
  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:
  • Power:
    8.5KW /11.6HP
  • Speed:
  • Voltage:
    12V or 24V
  • Water Pump Specifications::
  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:
  • Max Pressure:
    8.25 BAR
  • Max Water Flow:
    700 LPM
  • Wet Caf:
    150 LPM
  • Compressor System Specifications::
  • Manufacturer:
  • Max Pressure:
    10 BAR / 150 PSI
  • Max Air Flow:
    35 CFM @ 10 BAR